Jordelangs med Kolbein

Jordelangs med Kolbein is the new collection with wordless stories about the frog Kolbein from Odd Henning Skyllingstad. Kolbein holds a unique position in Norwegian comics telling views on the important trivialities of life from a human-amphibian perspective. Order it from the Jippi Shop.

Den krokete kanalen

Max Estes new book Den krokete kanalen (The crooked canal) is out. The book follows the ideas and themes from The crooked knife and is a full color wordless story where Estes again impresses with great drawings and colors. This time the story is set in Amsterdam. Order it from our shop.

Den krokete kniv review in Giant Robot

Giant Robot has a nice little review in their June issue: “Max Estes draws comics that are “normal” but also utilizes the other end of his mind and makes super arty, European work that we don’t see enough of. Each frame of this wordless heist story looks like it could be a nice print, and I hope Estes has more works coming soon.”


The new book from Rui Tenreiro is out. It is called Museum and is a beautiful short story in giant format inspired by art history and old newspaper strips like Little Nemo in Slumberland. The book is in English and can be ordered from our shop.

Den krokete kniv

Max Estes is out with his new book Den krokete kniv (The crooked knife). The book is a full color wordless story where Estes plays around with classic gangster stories and clichés in his impressive drawing style. Order it from our shop.

Two new editions of Høytiden

Høytiden (The Celebration) by Rui Tenreiro has already been published in French by La Pasteque. In 2010 it will be released in two new languages. A Spanish edition is planned for this Spring to be made by Apa Apa, in time for the comics festival in Barcelona. A Finnish edition will be released in the Fall, at the Helsinki Comics Festival and will be published by Huuda Huuda.