Al Khemet

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Al Khemet is placed somewhere between art and comics. It was first exhibited at Høstutstillingen 2018, Norway’s largest marking of contemporary art that takes place in Oslo every autumn. However, Al Khemet was always intended to be presented in book format, and here it finally is.

Al Khemet is a term from the ancient Egypt meaning “from the black land”. This can be read as an inspiration for the format of the project being drawn only by black ink. Al Khemet is also the origin of the word “alchemy”, and this can be seen as an inspiration for the story as well.

Thomas Falla Eriksen has made a wordless creative fantasy in time and space, through amazing visuals. The story doesn’t give away all the information at once, but invites the reader to take part in the journey to the female main character.


by Thomas Falla Eriksen, 20X28 cm, 164 pages.


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