Tor Ærlig

Hele greia. Utdrag 2

Tor Ærlig (b.1965) wrote himself into Norwegian comic history with the graphic novel Ser du meg nå? (Can you see me now?) in 2006. The story takes place in the mid-80s, reflecting the experiences Tor Ærlig had at that time. Both the bulk of the work (more than 200 pages) and its level of ambition made the book a unique project in the Norwegian comic world. He has since published several graphic novels.

Hele Greia (The Whole Thing) from 2014 is a story told without words and tells about people living in a block of flats. When they are threatened from the outside they have to stand together.

His serial Hjertemosaikk (Heart Mosaic), published in five volumes since 2003, has received a lot of positive attention and good reviews in the Norwegian press. Here he explores the possibilities of the comic medium, writing short stories in comic book form and experimenting with different styles.

He has also written the book series Apefjes (Monkeyface) where Sigbjørn Lilleeng does the artwork. These books are translated to several languages and won several awards in Norway.

Tor Ærlig is a full-time comic artist and has also worked for commercial publications.

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