Nedzus lykter/Lanterns of Nedzu

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The book is in Norwegian, but translation sheets will be attached to the shipment.

With inspiration from both European and Japanese comics Rui Tenreiro tells a fascinating story including both crab fights and passionate love. The graphic storytelling and atmospheric colors makes this an unique reading experience.

Okoye is a crab wrangler who’s very attached to his fighting crab. One evening, they win the Nedzu crab championship, but on the way home Okoye becomes fascinated by a riddle he reads on a paper lantern floating down a small stream near Nedzu village. The love riddle leads him meet a young woman named Efe but it angers his fighting crab who abandons them, jealous of the attention it doesn’t earn from Okoye that evening. After a brief romance, the crab begins impersonating Efe for Okoye — who believes that the crab is, in fact, Efe. Okoye will need the help of his allies. You’ll need to read the story to see how that will happen.

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by Rui Tenreiro, 22X26,4 cm, 116 Pages.


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