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Two new editions of Høytiden

Høytiden (The Celebration) by Rui Tenreiro has already been published in French by La Pasteque. In 2010 it will be released in two new languages. A Spanish edition is planned for this Spring to be made by Apa Apa, in time for the comics festival in Barcelona. A Finnish edition will be released in the Fall, at the Helsinki Comics Festival and will be published by Huuda Huuda.

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Angst 3

The third Angst is now ready to order from the Jippi Shop. As previous issues the book collects some highlights from new Norwegian comics. Among the participating artists we find Jason, Sigbjørn Lilleeng, Steffen Kverneland, Tor Ærlig, Rui Tenreiro, Lene Ask, Inga Sætre, Martin Ernstsen, Øystein Runde, Bendik Kaltenborn and Odd Henning Skyllingstad.

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“a really good read”

Bild & Bubbla-editor and comics journalist Fredrik Strömberg has a review of Nebelgrad Blues on his web page. In the positive review he starts with stating that he “was one of the first to write about the Norwegian artist Jason internationally (i.e. in the Swedish magazine Bild & Bubbla). Since then Jason has become a true international phenomenon and many new Norwegian artists have emerged, although none have so far reached the same heights as Jason. Having read the two volumes of Nebelgrad Blues by the artist Sigbjørn Lilleeng, I think we might have a contender.” Strömberg also points out that Lilleeng has European, American and Japanese influences, but also is founded in the modern Norwegian comics’ tradition. His conclusion is “For those of you living in Scandinavia, I really recommend picking up Nebelgrad Blues from Jippi Forlag, and if you are a foreign publisher, pick up the rights to these graphic novels as soon as you can!” The full review can be read here.

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Jippi on Mocca Art Festival

Jippi comics will attend the Mocca Art Festival 2009 in New York June 6th and 7th. The Jippi artists attending will be Jason and Martin Ernstsen, and we will be shearing a table with our fellow Norwegian publisher No Comprendo Press. Editor Erik Falk will participate on the panel about Scandinavian comics Saturday 4 pm. Read all about the festival on the Mocca home page.

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Angst 2

Angst 2 is out. Angst is collaboration project between Jippi Comics, No Comprendo press and Dongery presenting the best Norwegian comics. This time the front cover made by Lars Fiske, and the artists presented include Jason, Sigbjørn Lilleeng, Steffen Kverneland, Tor Ærlig, Pushwagner, Rui Tenreiro, Martin Ernstsen, Bendik Kaltenborn, Odd Henning Skyllingstad and Roy Søbstad. Order it from the shop.